Environmental restoration & reafforestation

Environmental Rehabilitation is becoming more important with Society’s rising consciousness and value of environmental issues. This demonstrated by environmental legislation such as various State Environmental Planning Policies (SEPPs), Native Vegetation Act & Threatened Species Act and requirements for compensatory rehabilitation, but also economic mechanisms of Biodiversity Banking and carbon/greenhouse emissions trading.

The Practice has gained extensive understanding and experience of environmental issues from Rupert's background, hands-on rehabilitation of his own riparian creek margins, the Practice’s design and documentation of various restoration and rehabilitation plans, through to his involvement on the Catchment Management Committee, Yarrahapinni Wetlands Trust and Landcare. This breadth of environmental experience makes environmental restoration a field of special expertise and interest to the Practice.

Project examples include:
  • Sea Acres Subdivision Reserve Restoration.
  • Ocean Drive Quarry Rehabilitation Plan: sketch & detail design.
  • Riparian and Wet Detention Basin / Water Quality Control pond rehabilitation.
  • SEPP 14 Salt-water wetlands rehabilitation.
    Estuarine erosion control, Freedom Island, Macleay.
  • Weed removal, rehabilitation and revegetation plans for several private and lLocal government developments.
  • Regeneration of some 130 ha of dry sclerohpyll woodland and several ‘Forward tree planting’ programs for subdivisions, farming and environmental functions

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Sea Acres Subdivision Rainforest Regeneration, 1988

Sea Acres Subdivision Rainforest Regeneration 12 months later

Sea Acres Subdivision Rainforest Regeneration 1988

Sea Acres Subdivision Rainforest
Regeneration 12 months later

Mungay Creek Riparian Revegetation 1983

The Creek invert 2006

Mungay Creek Riparian Revegetation

Mungay Creek Riparian Revegetation, same view/area 20 years later, but further away from top of bank