Broad acre planning, land-use &
management planning


Regional, Shire-wide or broad landscape planning expertise stems from the ability to assess, analyse & evaluate land attribrute constraints & opportunities, and optimally marry them to with the needs/demands on the landscape for maximum benefit & minimal disturbance.

Project examples include:
  • Port Macquarie Open Space Management Program, developing management development and maintenance recommendations for some 900 ha of varied open space areas.
  • Multiple land-use planning for the 500 square km of coastal strip on the NSW south coast, various types of development & protection & developing broad structure planning proposals.
  • Port Macquarie’s Area 13 Koala habitat assessment & management, for KPS (pre SEPP 44).
  • Development resource assessments and concept plans for large subdivisions, intended for progressive development & release.
  • Various reports & contributions to zoning and Development Control Plans including Port Macquarie’s Town Centre, West-Port, Hastings River Drive area & south Dunbogan, South West Rocks, Nambucca Heads & Narrabri.
  • Plans of Management and Management Plans have included: Crowdy Bay, Hamilton Green, Roto House & several cemeteries.
  • Broad Acre Vegetation Management Plans for Acacia Ave, Sancrox & Partridge Creek areas.
  • Bonny Hills Reserve Master Planning; Assessing co-ordinated proposals & management for some 20ha of open space with varied intensified uses.

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Broad Acre Land Use Planning

Port Macquarie Open Space Management Planning

Structure Planning South West Rocks



Structure Planning Nambucca Heads Town Centre